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You want to be a virtual billionaire?

Clicker games (Tap games) have a huge fan following among mobile game fans. But very few gaming studios actively bring out any good quality games in the genre. Since this genre has minimal monetization potential, many game developers does not find any value in this genre.  But at Tronlogics we believe this kind of games can be a good medium to engage with our users. Hence we wanted to create a game with minimal design and development requirement but still fun to play.

The search to create a simple clicker game has ended with the creation of zero to billionaire a fun filled clicker game. This game which does not have any graphics, uses very less processor capacity but provides you with a great thrill of becoming a billionaire with zero initial capital.

The game is very simple. You take role of an 18 year old with zero money in his hand, with just one aim in his mind to become a billionaire by the age of 25. All you have is great passion and enthusiasm to work. But as they say life is not all about making money. You need to balance your work-life balance. In the game we have conceptualized this concept using three parameters Health, Happiness and Energy. You can earn as much as money you want. But just ensure that you are not running out of any of the above three parameters. As simple as it may seem, the game challenges you with its unique game play design. Each click inside game is considered as a day. Player has to keep an eye on his age and all other parameters to smartly become a billionaire.

This is a small game of about 5MB size. Does not drain you battery or RAM. A simple white background and design ensures that you can play this game easily on train or bus without too much strain on your eyes or the mobile phone.

Advertisements has been used inside the game without interfering with the user experience for generating a small revenue for our company. We provide an option for players to remove ads by making a purchase. Also we allow gamers to make a purchase to fill the happiness for 6 months/1 year (Game days). This option is only to provide casual gamers to have an option to focus on just two factors if they find all three together a bit difficult.

We hope this will provide casual gamers a new option for fun and thrill. So download the game here and give us your valuable feedbacks on improvements required.


Horse race and bet: finally something innovative in Casino games

In the game market 2016 is considered as the year of gambling or casino games. We saw a large number of gambling games coming to the market and of course some making it big and some sinking down. But generally trend is favorable towards casino game category in the mobile applications market.  But one thing everyone would have noticed is the lack of innovations in casino game section. This area is dominated by age old slots, cards and similar offline games converted into mobile apps. If you check you could see a very little creative ideas or something that stands out in this section. In this context I was really amazed to see this neat little game shared to me by my friend- Horse race and bet. It is a small game using virtual currency to bet on horse races. It is only available in Android currently and they are still testing it out.

1-7 Inch Tablet_1280x720.png

I do not have much experience with horse racing and I have no clue about the technical terms used in the sports. So when my friend asked me to review the game I was a bit skeptical whether I was the right person. But any ways I gave it a try and first thing interested me was its simplicity and ease to understand the game. You do not need any experience with the horse racing sports to play or enjoy this game. It is very simple innovative and creative.

Now in any casino game, you would be looking for the thrill of prediction and winning (and sometimes pain of losing). In this small game the creators have packaged all these aspects brilliantly without using any technical terms of horse racing. They will show you five cards which have many statistics like top speed of horse jockey’s skill etc and you will have to try to predict winner. Sometimes it will be real easy to predict the winner and other times statistics will look almost similar that it will give you a head spin. But you always have option and to not bet against the races which you are not sure about.

The game is not just about betting. If you want to climb on the leader board you will have to purchase horse jockey pair and go against head to head race with other players and try to win by upgrading your horse using coins earned in betting.

The game gets you hooked fast and mind you it is very addictive to play. All the best for team for bringing out this little pocket gambling game with innovative concept. Looking for more innovations in the casino game section. So try the game here.


Finally White Slide released in play store

I have once mentioned in a post before how hard I was trying to create an Android game. After months long work we have managed to bring it out to Play store with the name White Slide. You can download the game here. It is a fun to do puzzle game with a simple rule which is continued till 99 levels of play. Hope you would enjoy the game and give your valuable feedback. Please do share it if you like.

white slide intro

How to blow up your savings??!!

The app world has also created new opportunity for independent developers to bring out innovative solutions to a mass market. The market for app is almost entire globe. No other medium can offer such a large potential market. So when I was studying business as a part of my post graduate course, I wanted to try out some idea which can be converted to potential app. I was no programmer, so either I had to learn coding or I had to hire someone who knows coding. As a student it was difficult for me to set aside the amount of money required to hire a programmer. So I decided that once I get a job and becomes financially capable of investing the amount of money required for developing an app I will go about my dreams.

After deciding to create app the next big question came what app? Basically all great inventions come from people trying to solve problems of daily life. Initially I and my friends tried to create an app which could provide some sort of service to people. Many ideas were explored news apps and many hundreds of idea but nothing really worked out. Our course got over and we were all placed in different companies’ different part of country. Even then I did not set the dream aside, continued exploring ideas.

Eventually I stopped the problem solving method of generating idea and started thinking about my strengths. I had an attraction for games and puzzles. So I figured games are one area where I could explore the possibilities so started to learning about game markets and its features. One thing you would instantly notice about the game apps is ‘keep it simple’ is the success secret. All the major hits are extremely simple.  No deep thinking or complications just as simple as possible. So should I keep it simple? No I do not think so. The so called simple game market is crowded by large companies and developers. A newcomer does not have much scope over there.

So the decision was to create an insanely tough puzzle game, a head spinner. There may not be a large audience but still there are people who would love the tough challenge. So I started creating puzzles. I worked and reworked on many ideas and finally decided to go about a tile game idea. When I felt the idea could be workable on a touchscreen platform I started creating levels myself. It took me 6 months to create levels required for the game idea. Now the problem was to code it and convert into a game, approached independent developers and some companies with my idea. Most of them had same opinion “Complicated ideas will not work in app market”.

It was hard time no one was ready to work with me. It was almost as if my effort will stay in paper. Almost when I was about to quit, a company told me they felt the idea interesting but do not think it will make money. So if I am willing to invest some money they would agree to create game and provide technical support for it during its life time. The amount required was almost my entire savings over one year of work. But even then I wanted to do it as I was always the kind of person who stayed within in my comfort zone and I wanted to take the risk this time. The development is currently going on and expects the game to be out in market in 3-4 weeks. By the time my bank balance will be zero and I will have to start again and if experts in game field are to be believed my money is going to go down the drain. But it is definitely an experience. I will post the game when it gets released.

Moto G in my farm

I have owned initial model of Moto G for a very long time. But since I am not a very good photographer I did not post any photos from my Moto G to this blog. It has been long time since I have posted something here. So when I saw the cherry in my farm I thought this time I will post some random photos from my farm and garden so that readers can judge the performance of the device and also my photographic skills plus my farm together :).


Nothing can beat a cherry when it comes to beauty……..


  Cherry again


      Just a yellow beauty


This one looks cool


When you have good light the shots are really good………..


When light is not so good……damn





Nutmeg tree


The outside fleshy covering of nutmeg


The inner part of nutmeg where money lies





The storm effect………….You can plant a tree…. water it……..give good care……..but final call is of nature………….


Read that there will be middle finger emoji in some of new Operating Systems…….This may be nature way of showing middle finger to all what we have done to her……

I too have an opinion about ‘interstellar’


Fads are defining our thoughts and talk. You are not cool enough if you are not adopting yourself to the fast changing social media trends. I am always a late mover and missed out on most chances to jump into the world of opinions and comments. So I was going through the net to find out the most recent trend to adopt and what I stumbled upon is…. “Interstellar”. Yes, Christopher Nolan sci-fi adventure, which is an up trending topic of debate. You can criticize, you can praise, but ‘No comments’ will make you what they call ‘a not so cool person’. That is applicable even if you are not very good friends with Murphy, Newton and others. So I am trying to jump into the bandwagon hoping I am not too late this time.

(Spoiler alert:- If you have not seen movie yet, avoid this article to get better experience)

Christopher Nolan movies have always sparked big debates because of its complex story structures. Memento, inception, dark knight trilogy all had different complex layers in its story line. His new movie interstellar is of no difference. It leaves you confused after finishing it. It has happened with all Christopher Nolan movies for me. You will get a better understanding of story on your second or third watch. Even with all those confusions you will still be able to get a good entertainment experience in your first watch. That is a unique skill to Nolan as a story teller, but not this time. I would not say the movie thrilled me like previous outings of Christopher Nolan. The movie experience was just ordinary. I am waiting for DVD to see whether experience is enhanced on a second watch.

Coming to the story part, like I said before confusions and doubts are integral part of my experience with Nolan movies. Story happens in a near future Earth in which human race is struggling to survive due changes in climate patterns. Technology field has collapsed since everyone is more interested basic survival rather than innovation. In this state humans are helped by an invisible hand which helps them to understand complex science and develop methods to escape. This invisible hand is referred to as ‘they’ in the movie. Later it is revealed that ‘they’ are humans in future who have developed a skill to communicate across time dimension. So that is the key element in movie, future humans helping present humans to survive.But that was very confusing part for me. If humans did not survive from where did these future humans come from to help us and if they did survive then what is the need for future humans to help present humans in surviving. They already survived right. I was totally confused by this plot element. May be there is an answer out there, hidden in complex layers of movie, but I could not trace it yet.

The director’s choice to make it in 2D was still far more confusing. I know Nolan is no big fan of 3D technology. It is true that many movies are shot on 3D just for the sake of it. I agree to what James Cameron told about piranha 3D “It is exactly an example of what we should not be doing in 3D. Because it just cheapens the medium and reminds you of the bad 3D horror films from the 70s and 80s, like Friday the 13th Part III (1982). When movies got to the bottom of the barrel of their creativity and at the last gasp of their financial lifespan, they did a 3D version to get the last few drops of blood out of the turnip. And that’s not what’s happening now with 3D.” There are many movies which are just produced in 3D just for sake of it, without considering what script actually demands. Movies like Dark Knight do not require a 3D medium to reach effectively to the audience. But Interstellar is a different kind. A movie which talks about 5th dimension would have been better to watch with an added dimension. The worm holes, black holes, space journey all would have been great to watch in a 3D medium. It would have amplified viewer experience.

There is lot of debate going on about the sound of movie. The lack of clarity of dialogues in some part of the movie was heavily criticized by some. Nolan came out to protect the movie saying it was intentional. He and his crew were trying to give the same experience to audience as the real space journey. According to him dialogues was mixed with other sounds to show the loudness of surrounding noise. That is a great idea. But the sad part is that he had to explain the experience to audience, instead of audience experiencing and understanding it themselves.

Debates are going around on the science part of the as well, but since I feel it is out of my scope I am leaving that part untouched. Any way I am waiting for the next movie by Christopher Nolan to get into next big debate of the internet.


It was a long road. He was standing at one end looking at the long path confused. Suddenly on the other end he saw fate. He thought fate will take him to his destiny. He started walking. On the way he met a monk with a magic wand. Monk told ” I am getting older. I want to give this magic wand to some one. If you spend one day with me I will teach you how to use it” He told ” I am going to meet fate. I will decide whether to learn it or not after that.” He left. On the way he met many more. A flower seller selling world’s most beautiful flower, a carpenter who could make a box which will fit any thing, a cook who had a unique recipe for making best dish. But he did not buy any thing or learn anything and continued walking. As he kept walking he started getting tired and legs started shaking. In the end he met fate and asked to take him to his destiny.
Fate asked ” what do you have?”
” I have nothing”. He replied.
“Then why should I take you to your destiny.”

He had no answer and did not have any energy to walk forward or go back. He fell down on the road and died.

The race

It was a race,
Both were running,
Time was ahead
And he was behind.

They ran in rain,
In the crowded street,
Through mountains,
But he did not see.

They loved him,
They cheered him,
They prayed for him,
But he did not realize.

Then he beat time,
And won the race.
He jumped in joy
Alone in a desert.

The Golden Boy

golden boy

A king had 11 princes
One was called golden boy.
He learned his lessons fast
He rode horse faster,
And learned languages quickly.
Young boy amazed people.
And they loved him from heart.

Years passed by other princes
Improved their skills
They also learned the lessons,
They rode horse faster,
They also learned languages,
But people was not amazed,
And they did not get same love.

Then came the tests for crowning
The princes showed their skills
Some was good in the fighting,
Some had great wisdom,
Some rode horse faster
In the end the crown prince
was selected- “The golden boy”

Memories of a vagrant

I walk through the street
With my head held up,
And firm foot steps.
The darkness of night
And madness of city,
Does not scare me.
I live just for the day,
Tomorrow is out of sight.
They say I am poor,
But whole world is mine.
I enjoy my Life,
as no one else can do.