by swale

It was a long road. He was standing at one end looking at the long path confused. Suddenly on the other end he saw fate. He thought fate will take him to his destiny. He started walking. On the way he met a monk with a magic wand. Monk told ” I am getting older. I want to give this magic wand to some one. If you spend one day with me I will teach you how to use it” He told ” I am going to meet fate. I will decide whether to learn it or not after that.” He left. On the way he met many more. A flower seller selling world’s most beautiful flower, a carpenter who could make a box which will fit any thing, a cook who had a unique recipe for making best dish. But he did not buy any thing or learn anything and continued walking. As he kept walking he started getting tired and legs started shaking. In the end he met fate and asked to take him to his destiny.
Fate asked ” what do you have?”
” I have nothing”. He replied.
“Then why should I take you to your destiny.”

He had no answer and did not have any energy to walk forward or go back. He fell down on the road and died.