How to blow up your savings??!!

by swale

The app world has also created new opportunity for independent developers to bring out innovative solutions to a mass market. The market for app is almost entire globe. No other medium can offer such a large potential market. So when I was studying business as a part of my post graduate course, I wanted to try out some idea which can be converted to potential app. I was no programmer, so either I had to learn coding or I had to hire someone who knows coding. As a student it was difficult for me to set aside the amount of money required to hire a programmer. So I decided that once I get a job and becomes financially capable of investing the amount of money required for developing an app I will go about my dreams.

After deciding to create app the next big question came what app? Basically all great inventions come from people trying to solve problems of daily life. Initially I and my friends tried to create an app which could provide some sort of service to people. Many ideas were explored news apps and many hundreds of idea but nothing really worked out. Our course got over and we were all placed in different companies’ different part of country. Even then I did not set the dream aside, continued exploring ideas.

Eventually I stopped the problem solving method of generating idea and started thinking about my strengths. I had an attraction for games and puzzles. So I figured games are one area where I could explore the possibilities so started to learning about game markets and its features. One thing you would instantly notice about the game apps is ‘keep it simple’ is the success secret. All the major hits are extremely simple.  No deep thinking or complications just as simple as possible. So should I keep it simple? No I do not think so. The so called simple game market is crowded by large companies and developers. A newcomer does not have much scope over there.

So the decision was to create an insanely tough puzzle game, a head spinner. There may not be a large audience but still there are people who would love the tough challenge. So I started creating puzzles. I worked and reworked on many ideas and finally decided to go about a tile game idea. When I felt the idea could be workable on a touchscreen platform I started creating levels myself. It took me 6 months to create levels required for the game idea. Now the problem was to code it and convert into a game, approached independent developers and some companies with my idea. Most of them had same opinion “Complicated ideas will not work in app market”.

It was hard time no one was ready to work with me. It was almost as if my effort will stay in paper. Almost when I was about to quit, a company told me they felt the idea interesting but do not think it will make money. So if I am willing to invest some money they would agree to create game and provide technical support for it during its life time. The amount required was almost my entire savings over one year of work. But even then I wanted to do it as I was always the kind of person who stayed within in my comfort zone and I wanted to take the risk this time. The development is currently going on and expects the game to be out in market in 3-4 weeks. By the time my bank balance will be zero and I will have to start again and if experts in game field are to be believed my money is going to go down the drain. But it is definitely an experience. I will post the game when it gets released.