Horse race and bet: finally something innovative in Casino games

by swale

In the game market 2016 is considered as the year of gambling or casino games. We saw a large number of gambling games coming to the market and of course some making it big and some sinking down. But generally trend is favorable towards casino game category in the mobile applications market.  But one thing everyone would have noticed is the lack of innovations in casino game section. This area is dominated by age old slots, cards and similar offline games converted into mobile apps. If you check you could see a very little creative ideas or something that stands out in this section. In this context I was really amazed to see this neat little game shared to me by my friend- Horse race and bet. It is a small game using virtual currency to bet on horse races. It is only available in Android currently and they are still testing it out.

1-7 Inch Tablet_1280x720.png

I do not have much experience with horse racing and I have no clue about the technical terms used in the sports. So when my friend asked me to review the game I was a bit skeptical whether I was the right person. But any ways I gave it a try and first thing interested me was its simplicity and ease to understand the game. You do not need any experience with the horse racing sports to play or enjoy this game. It is very simple innovative and creative.

Now in any casino game, you would be looking for the thrill of prediction and winning (and sometimes pain of losing). In this small game the creators have packaged all these aspects brilliantly without using any technical terms of horse racing. They will show you five cards which have many statistics like top speed of horse jockey’s skill etc and you will have to try to predict winner. Sometimes it will be real easy to predict the winner and other times statistics will look almost similar that it will give you a head spin. But you always have option and to not bet against the races which you are not sure about.

The game is not just about betting. If you want to climb on the leader board you will have to purchase horse jockey pair and go against head to head race with other players and try to win by upgrading your horse using coins earned in betting.

The game gets you hooked fast and mind you it is very addictive to play. All the best for team for bringing out this little pocket gambling game with innovative concept. Looking for more innovations in the casino game section. So try the game here.