You want to be a virtual billionaire?

by swale

Clicker games (Tap games) have a huge fan following among mobile game fans. But very few gaming studios actively bring out any good quality games in the genre. Since this genre has minimal monetization potential, many game developers does not find any value in this genre.  But at Tronlogics we believe this kind of games can be a good medium to engage with our users. Hence we wanted to create a game with minimal design and development requirement but still fun to play.

The search to create a simple clicker game has ended with the creation of zero to billionaire a fun filled clicker game. This game which does not have any graphics, uses very less processor capacity but provides you with a great thrill of becoming a billionaire with zero initial capital.

The game is very simple. You take role of an 18 year old with zero money in his hand, with just one aim in his mind to become a billionaire by the age of 25. All you have is great passion and enthusiasm to work. But as they say life is not all about making money. You need to balance your work-life balance. In the game we have conceptualized this concept using three parameters Health, Happiness and Energy. You can earn as much as money you want. But just ensure that you are not running out of any of the above three parameters. As simple as it may seem, the game challenges you with its unique game play design. Each click inside game is considered as a day. Player has to keep an eye on his age and all other parameters to smartly become a billionaire.

This is a small game of about 5MB size. Does not drain you battery or RAM. A simple white background and design ensures that you can play this game easily on train or bus without too much strain on your eyes or the mobile phone.

Advertisements has been used inside the game without interfering with the user experience for generating a small revenue for our company. We provide an option for players to remove ads by making a purchase. Also we allow gamers to make a purchase to fill the happiness for 6 months/1 year (Game days). This option is only to provide casual gamers to have an option to focus on just two factors if they find all three together a bit difficult.

We hope this will provide casual gamers a new option for fun and thrill. So download the game here and give us your valuable feedbacks on improvements required.