Caricatures of life

Category: poem

The race

It was a race,
Both were running,
Time was ahead
And he was behind.

They ran in rain,
In the crowded street,
Through mountains,
But he did not see.

They loved him,
They cheered him,
They prayed for him,
But he did not realize.

Then he beat time,
And won the race.
He jumped in joy
Alone in a desert.


Memories of a vagrant

I walk through the street
With my head held up,
And firm foot steps.
The darkness of night
And madness of city,
Does not scare me.
I live just for the day,
Tomorrow is out of sight.
They say I am poor,
But whole world is mine.
I enjoy my Life,
as no one else can do.


Memories are fading, but deep buried
In mysteries of my mind, remains
Your cute face and sweet smile,
With a never ending radiance.

Lying in my small room, as
The city celebrates the night,
In my solitude, I realize, how
Important your smile was to me.

One day I may beat the sky
And reach the stars,
But looking down, seeing you
I will find all the glory in vain.

I know it is way too late
We have moved distance apart,
But I hope entire universe will
Conspire upon to bring us together.